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Scope & Duty

Scope and Duty

–          Kimanil lab Quality System applies to the testing of all type of food, environmental swab, water and cosmetics samples by using the appropriate regulatory test methods and specific testing requirements.
–          This document applies to services performed by the lab when contracts or agreements require “accredited” testing or compliance to ISO17025:2017. These requirements are met whether carrying out work at the permanent laboratory or on-site at the customer’s location.
  • A scope of methods has been established as meeting these requirements and is available for review.
  • This manual specifies the general requirements for the competence, impartiality and consistent operation of the laboratory
  • The  lab is a 3rd -party lab and It is responsible for ensuring the Quality of the final products, Inspections of the supplies (raw materials) and Controlling the hygiene of our customers even surface /air contact plates/personnel hygienic swabs

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